Solo Pro Business Lessons From the Cheetah

new yearCheetahs are the very embodiment of the words ‘Nimble’ and ‘Agile’. They survive – even thrive – in one of the worlds most hostile environments. What can a Solo Pro Business owner learn from a Cheetah?


Look into the eyes of a cheetah and what do you see? Confidence. Commitment. A little hunger. Lots of independence. And that little je ne se quoi that dares you to race.

All are necessary elements of the Solo Pro CEO mindset. I notice so many Solo Pros making the mistake of being over cautious and overly concerned with ‘perfection’. Websites, sales pages, articles, products and offerings do you absolutely NO GOOD while you sit and polish them. They can only start earning you money after you’ve released them.

Let’s dig into a few of the lessons we can learn about being nimble and agile from these magnificent creatures.

Speed. A cheetah would starve to death if he sat and tried to be sure every hunting expedition was planned perfectly. Yes, proofread your material, then let it go. The cheetah sees his prey, assesses his hunger and then flies. More often then not he brings down his chosen antelope. When he doesn’t, he moves onto the next one.

Confidence. A cheetah knows what he’s good at. He doesn’t second guess himself or try to be good at everything. He knows his strengths and where they’re best applied. No waffling or trying to fit into the latest craze. He hones his skill in his area of expertise and runs with it.

Commitment. The cheetah doesn’t worry about working ‘Plan B’ while ‘Plan A’ is in effect. He’s 100% committed to the chase. He’s not multitasking or submitting resumes to be a gorilla while he’s chasing lunch.

Know the terrain. Cheetahs know where to hang out. They know their targets intimately. They know their behavior and they make use of what they know.

Independent. Cheetahs are not herd animals. They’re social but they don’t follow. They lead. If they go in the wrong direction, they turn around and find the right direction. They don’t sit and beat themselves up. They sniff the wind for the next opportunity and move on.

The ability to detach. Cheetahs don’t agonize over every hunt. If they stumble or the antelope gets away, they move onto the next one. Many of us Solo Pros are creators. We love to nurse our creations along and hesitate to release them before they’re ‘ready’. So we sit and tweak and polish for months – maybe even years. That’s not a business. That’s a hobby. If you’re truly in business, you have to get your creations out into the marketplace to earn money – the quicker the better. A cheetah knows “done is better than perfect’.

 How can you apply a few of these elements into your business today?


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