ActionSteps: Time and Energy Management for Solo Pros

Take Command of Your Time!

ActionSteps | Time & Energy Management for Busy Solo Pros

Instead of just shuffling the tasks on your To-Do list, master your priorities by marshaling your energy patterns with this cool system and toolkit in one.

Keep the wind in your sails by moving your business ahead 90 days at a time. This new breakthrough time and energy management system is unique because it tracks your ENERGY patterns first — the matches the task to your energy level.

As creative professionals, we tend struggle with planning and task management. One problem is focus and the other issue has to do with energy management. Sometimes we get stuck on the hamster wheel. It’s essential to get off and take charge of your day. This guide was created to make these two elements work together — get both your oars in the water — so that you can firmly take the helm of your business and sail into a thriving future.

Action PlansAction Plans

A visible business tracking system that includes 90-Day, Monthly and Weekly planners that you can print out and tack right up on your wall so you can plot your course and then track your progress. Having it right out in front of your ensures that your priorities remain predominant.

Daily DashboardA Daily Dashboard

The Daily Dashboard  is the power house that keeps you moving. There’s a Task Booster at the very top to help you start your day out with a bang, then tons of other tools to help you keep up the momentum.

Energy GaugeYour Personal Energy Gauge

You’ll plot your own unique energy flow — it’s peaks and valleys — then you’ll determine the best use of your time throughout your day.

Goal SetterThe 90-Day Goal Setter

The 90-Day Goal Setter includes a list of Lead Generation Elements at the very top. Those are the essential items that every business needs to have in place. So if you’re just starting out, those might be your first objectives. If you’ve been in business for a while, it’s an excellent reminder. It also includes your objectives, major events or projects, supporting tasks and your notes or resources.

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