3 Easy Zen Marketing Strategies

new yearSo There’s Time Left Over to do Your Work!

When it comes to marketing, Solo Pros tend to get far too complicated. We can get overwhelmed with a lot of fancy ideas and clever strategies. How important are they to your business success?

Take a step back and consider whether you’re actually using the marketing basics.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated!

Basic Marketing Strategy #1: Master the Basic Tools First

Invest in learning these three basic marketing strategies and get them consistently in play. Save the more complex campaigns for special offers. You’ll find they’re much easier to launch when the basics are on line and doing their job. Consistency is key.

  • Conversations– Are you confident in talking with your potential clients about what you do? Out of every 5 conversations, do at least 3 turn into paying clients? If not, then it’s time to master this crucial skill. The faster you get it under your belt now, the easier growing your business will be.
  • Email – As your list grows, you need to connect regularly with your current and potential clients. Let them know what you’re up to, share your expertise, and – most importantly – make offers. Make it a habit to consistently communicate with your list. Just sending a simple newsletter with a few tips, client success stories, and more info on who you are and what you do will build trust and keep you on top of their minds. Be sure to include an offer in each of your newsletter broadcasts.
  • Networking – Attending niche-targeted networking events is a great way to meet potential clients, practice your “basic message,” and connect with referral partners. Solo Pro business is a relationship-based experience. Developing your face-to-face marketing skills has benefits beyond bringing in new clients.

Basic Marketing Strategy #2: Consistency Is Key

No marketing strategy is effective if it’s not regular and consistent. Develop a habit of sending your newsletter on a schedule. Promote your programs and services regularly. Always offer clients the option to move to the next level as their projects with your near completion. You’ll become more comfortable with marketing and your clients and potential clients will have more opportunities to respond to your offers.

Basic Marketing Strategy #3: Take Small Steps Every Day

“Done is better than none.” Continually tweaking and fiddling with your marketing pieces to make it perfect results in slow or no sales. Use one of the basic marketing tools every day to develop your skills and you’ll have a solid marketing system in place quickly.

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the latest marketing techniques. You can build a successful business by focusing first on these basic marketing tools. You’ll have more time to enjoy creating and working with clients. Those advanced techniques will still be there when you’re ready!

Bonus Tip: Focus on demonstrating your expertise, building credibility, and creating relationships.

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Author Info: Barbara Saunders has been a publication designer and has run several successful solo pro business for more than a decade by maximizing the power of partnerships and collaboration. Now as the Solo Pro Success Coach and Founder of the Solo Pro Academy, she’s here to guide you to a prosperous custom-fit business. She hosts the Solo Pro Radio show everyday on FaceBook/SoloProRadio.


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