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Areas of Business Help for Solo Professionals

business help for solo professionals Launch

Don’t build a business you hate.
Let me help you custom-fit your business by maximizing your personality traits. Grow your venture using my 15 years of experience in business. Build the lifestyle you desire.

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business help for solo professionals Tools & Technology

Technology and online tools make it possible for a solo professional to build and run a well-paying business today. You need to know what works for YOU and how to use it. Custom-fit your business model by creating your business toolbox.

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business help for solo professionals Growth Strategies

Growing a solo business is radically different from any other type of endeavor. Solos don’t want to manage employees or be buried in paperwork. The secret is to leverage and harness your unique knowledge.

I can help.

business help for solo professionals Guidance

We all need a compass to stay on course. You will get continual guidance with positioning, messaging, updates on tools and tactics, and resources. Even though you’re a solo professional, you never need to do it alone.

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business help for solo professionalsClient Reviews


I’ve known Barbara for a while and knew the deep commitment and passion she has for helping solo creative professionals thrive. She gets you out of your traditional way of viewing what you do, allowing you to imagine new places to take your business. But more importantly, she gives you concrete, actionable steps to get there. What you learn, is to value and maximize what you’re already doing well and love. And she helps you get greater clarity on who best to serve based on your passion and natural gifts. All this comes together in systems that free you to do your best work. Because Barbara also engages in a high degree of professional development, she’s collected, tested and fine-tuned the best tools. I highly recommend Barbara if you need a compassionate, but straight-talking, kick in the pants to advance your business.

Graphic Designer & Branding Specialist | Allegro Design

Jane Pellicciotto